Cancer Wellness


Diagnosis of cancer in Kenya is at an alarming rate as shown by the World Health Organization [W.H.O].

At H&H Wellness Center, our goal is to improve care for our cancer patient and create awareness on self-care practices for cancer patients.

Our program aims at a holistic recovery period with happiness of body and mind. Our specialized professional team of provides the following services;

  • Cancer Nutrition [Macrobiotic diet therapy]
  • Lymphatic management
  • Stress and emotional management
  • Client customized Oncology massage
  • Pain management that involves physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise activities
  • Oncology rehabilitation



Cancer Nutrition (Macrobiotic diet)

The diet therapy focuses on consumption of fresh, local and seasonal foods to provide varied nutrients in the body of similar composition to that of nature with keen detail to method of food preparation.

The main focus of the diet therapy is channeled in curbing the side effects resulting from treatment such as dry mouth, nausea, weight loss, taste changes and decreased appetite.

Diet therapy helps in recovery for cancer patients, weight management, blood sugar regulation, hormonal balance in women, detoxification and providing body with more energy.

Practical workshops on cooking nutritious meals and developing of an inclusive meal plan are also demonstrated with the intention of promoting treatment and recovery.

Lymphatic management.

This involves the application of massage around the lymph area to help in the drainage of waste products mainly for breast cancer patients.

The lymphatic massage therapy uses the body’s own ability to heal itself and eliminate ailments. This massage encourages the body to enhance this natural capability which could cause it to ward off diseases and heal itself.   

This session takes about 1 hour weekly and should be repetitive to facilitate change and the self-healing process.

Psychological counselling

Cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience affecting not only the patient but all involved in the patient’s life. The patient experiences hopelessness, anxiety, stress, anger and feelings of loneliness, fear of death trying to figure out why this is happening to them. Cancer patients go through a long emotional journey that affects their psychological wellbeing and mental health. It is therefore important that alongside the medical treatment, to offer care to the patient’s emotional wellbeing to protect their long-term quality of life.

The focus is based on stress and emotional management with a counselling goal of management and in guidance of the psychological issues experienced by the care givers, family and the patient.

One on one session with the psychologist are conducted for about 45min and above. Family and support group meetings are also incorporated for the purpose of sharing and walking with others together in the recovery journey.

Oncology massage therapy

This is a client customized massage offered to specific areas that need relaxation and massage by a trained oncology massage therapist.

Cancer patients experience fatigue, anxiety and stressors quite often and need this massage technique for relaxing and easing their nerves.

The therapy takes 45min - 1 hour session.

Pain management

This involves physiotherapy to help in mobility and functioning of the muscles and other body organs to achieve stability. Services offered are ideally able to deliver physiotherapy interventions to empower patients in the management of their symptoms, side-effects of treatment or recovery from surgery.


This involve alternative traditional Chinese treatment by inserting hair thin needles to promote balance of body energy, stimulate healing, promote healing and even slow down aging process.

Acupuncture therapy has proven in previous research to help address fatigue, insomnia and improve in depression and related anxiety symptoms.

Exercise and physical activity

We ensure a long term adherence to exercise so that our patients have some control over their lives, stability and routine. Physical activity allows cancer patients to regain themselves and return to being active in a community.

Availability of work out equipment and trainers at H&H Cancer Wellness Center takes place twice a week as scheduled by the instructor.

Oncology rehabilitation

Focuses on providing our outpatients with a program to help in quality of life and how to manage the wide range of symptoms and diagnoses for each type of cancer.

Cancer rehabilitation involves many types of specialists working together at H&H to develop a personal rehabilitation plan that considers your preferences, strengths and goals.

This program ensures the follow up of all the therapies and aftercare to avoid relapse.


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