Nutritional Therapy


What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a science-based field of healthcare that uses nutrition to promote optimum health and to help prevent and manage a wide range of health concerns ranging from fatigue, weigh t management and stress to diagnosed medical chronic conditions. Nutritional therapists can greatly help those who want to take positive action in managing their health through making better dietary and lifestyle choices.

We take a holistic approach to assess health, looking at the interaction between different systems in the body. Nutritional Therapy recognises the biochemical individuality of every person. Therefore, our goal is to identify and address underlying causes of health problems, instead of simply focusing on symptoms.

Nutritional therapy is not about restricting large numbers of foods or recommending ‘fad’ diets. We focus on providing practical advice and ongoing support to help you make long-term dietary changes in order to promote health, achieve ideal weight and experience more energy and vitality.

What to expect from a consultation?
The consultations aim to find ways to rectify imbalances in the body, which may be at the root of your health issues.

When assessing and developing a wellness plan for you, we first look at your health history, genetic predispositions, environmental inputs and physiological processes. We may suggest lab tests to determine whether any nutritional deficiencies or biochemical imbalances exist. Understanding all these factors gives us a starting point for intervention and is the precursor to restoring health. 

Recommendations will include dietary and lifestyle changes designed with your health profile and circumstances in mind. Our priority is to get your diet right, but where appropriate, nutritional supplements may also be recommended.

First consultation

1-1.5 hours – Your health history will be discussed in detail, along with your symptoms and current health goals. Laboratory tests may also be suggested. Preliminary dietary advice, including what to include and exclude, will be given at this time. Where appropriate, dietary supplements may be recommended. Your therapist will then work with the information received during the consultation and test results (where applicable) to refine your programme to suit your needs and lifestyle. You will then be mailed a food plan, recipes, a supplements list and some notes on the goals of the diet components for your information if needed.

Follow-up consultations

Up to 30 mins – Follow-up sessions enable us to monitor how you are getting on and also provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions. Your adjusted nutritional programme in the light of any remaining issues will be discussed and mailed to you. As your health improves, we will revise your programme accordingly.

Between visit support

We will be available to support you. Should you have any queries between visits then please contact us by phone or email – no need to wait until your next consultation.

How many visits are needed?

Food and nutrients work gently on the body – it takes time for changes in nutrient levels to impact upon how the body functions. Removal of an allergen or introduction of certain supplements may bring about rapid improvements, but in most cases we suggest our clients anticipate gradual but long-lasting change over the course of 1-3 months. Your progression towards good health should be seen as a journey and we are committed to supporting you all the way.

The number of follow-up sessions required will depend on your particular health concern. Our objective is to make you healthy so that you don’t become a long-term client! While some clients will only require two sessions, we would anticipate seeing most clients ideally 3 – 4 times.

Macrobiotic nutritional counseling

Macrobiotics offers the promise of better health and greater happiness by offering a tool for living within the natural order, which means eating only what is necessary for one’s condition and learning to adjust in a peaceful way to life’s changes.

The goal of macrobiotic nutrition is to provide the body with essential nutrients so that it can function efficiently without loading it with toxins that must be eliminated or stored. Anybody who begins a macrobiotic diet goes through a period of healing, beginning with the elimination of accumulated toxins or excesses. As the body is cleansed, the mind becomes clearer and natural good judgment begins to return.

Some common benefits reported by people who have switched to a macrobiotic practice:

  • Less fatigue
  • Better immunity
  • Better appreciation for simple, natural foods
  • Deeper sleep and relief of insomnia
  • Improved memory, clarity and promptness in action
  • Better emotional balance and mood

For more details, please contact our reception desk.

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